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CoworkingWhat are the benefits of working in a coworking?

What are the benefits of working in a coworking?

The exponential growth of coworking spaces is proof that the culture of work is changing. Companies that adapt to changes by opting for a hybrid model; entrepreneurs; freelance; startups; SMEs and teleworkers prefer to locate in a coworking. and this is good, is very good! It's good for the businessman, but also for your employees.

One our coworking consists in share a workspace with other entrepreneurs, whether they are self-employed, startups or consolidated companies, among others. This shared space offers the option to work from a desk in an open space, to having your own office where you can enjoy more privacy. Therefore, if we ask ourselves what are the benefits of working in a coworking, They are many, given that a coworking offers an ideal work scenario as you can read below:

1. Boost your networking

One of the main differences between a conventional office and a coworking is the community of people and companies that is generated in the latter. This fact is a great opportunity to grow your business thanks to the collaborations that occur between the companies with which it coexists.

The vast majority of companies agree that it is the best option to grow the company's professional network, since they know each other from New customers to potential members for your company.

2. Reduce costes

when you rent an office, you have to take care of extra payments such as supplies, Wi-Fi, Housekeeping, etc.

Forget about these extra expenses working in a coworking, given that rates include different servicios. At B&Co Working Place, in all services are included:

  • Supplies: Water, light and air conditioning
  • Internet por Wi-Fi
  • Tastefully decorated and furnished spaces
  • Gym
  • Parking
  • Alarm and video surveillance
  • Office Manager
  • Maintenance and cleaning of common spaces
  • Insurance
  • Discounts

Also, you pay only for the use you make of the space. For example, in B&Co we offer hourly rates, per day, daily packs and monthly packs facilitating access to a design space.

If you take into account all the benefits that working in a coworking space brings you, I'm sure you'll get much more out of it.

3. Improve your professional image

Thanks to the flexibility of rates, coworking do more affordable to have a designer workspace fully furnished where you can receive your clients.

One of the benefits of working in a coworking is the decoration. Coworking space B&With the Perpignan

4. accessible space 24/7

Flexibility is the adjective that most defines a coworking.

Previously we have seen the flexibility in rates and, in this, we highlight the possibility of accessing the workspace whenever you want thanks to its accessibility 24 hours 7 Days of the week.

Just as there are companies that work internationally and need to hold videoconferences outside of a working day “normal”, there are people who prefer to work at night than during the day. You choose how and when you want to work.

5. Increase your productivity

Telecommuting is ideal for reconciling work life with personal life. Nevertheless, working from home means constantly being exposed to distractions.

in addition, in a coworking a work environment is generated that is difficult to create at home, Since working in a coworking space means being surrounded by other entrepreneurs who will inspire and motivate you to be the best version of yourself.. at home you can work, but being alone, the factor of learning from those around you disappears.

6. Intensify your creativity and improve your skills

The fact of being surrounded by a great diversity of people is equivalent to being in contact with a great amount of knowledge and skills.. So that, working in a coworking will encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and thus expand your skills.

Also, in coworking spaces a community is generated where everyone is happy to collaborate by participating in meetings and events where to share ideas. Thus, there are studies that show that entrepreneurs feel more confident when it comes to broadening horizons.

7. Improve your quality of life

Thanks to the increase in productivity you won't have to spend more hours than planned finishing tasks.

Also, in some coworking spaces, as is the case of B&Co, you'll find different services you need in tu day by day without having to leave the building, how can a gym be, Yoga classes…

Common spaces where you can relax

8. create community

We are social animals and, if we work at home or in a conventional company, sometimes we forget this part that is part of us. This fact can give us the feeling that we live to work. Coworking spaces offer the option of not having to just work, but also socialize. You will not only meet like-minded people, but when in contact with other people, you will expand your knowledge.

9. you won't feel alone

We think that teleworking is going to be fantastic to be able to work in pajamas, not having to eat from tuper… until we start to feel alone and isolated from society. We are social beings and we are not made for teleworking 100%.

Working in a coworking means being part of a community with whom you can chat. This does not mean that you are obliged to do so.. In a coworking, there is room for all profiles! In fact, It is ideal both for those who prefer to work without having to interact but who need a space dedicated to work to be productive, both for those who use socialization as a method of inspiration.

10. requires of 0 office management

Joining a coworking means having more time to invest in your business, since you don't have to manage things like office supplies, Cleaning, if the internet does not work or the air conditioning has broken down. Everything you need, from a good workspace to internet connectivity and other office supplies like printers, available.

So not only will you have more time, but you will also save on maintenance costs.

11. work remotely

Coworking spaces not only allow you to work at the time you need, if not you can also you work from wherever you want. You can even work on the go, since more and more localities have a coworking where you can find a comfortable place to work with Wifi.

Also, What B&Co Working Place, there are brands of coworking spaces that are located in different cities, so that you can work on each of them without having to pay any extra.

12. It offers an ideal location for your customers

Its location is ideal for your clients to meet you and not waste time entering the city or looking for parking..

in addition, as is the case with B&Co Girona, Some coworking spaces have free parking, facilitating access for customers so they don't waste time locating you.

As you can see, working in a coworking means getting a lot of benefits. Both employers and employees work in a more inspiring environment where they can socialize. Consequently, you work more comfortably and the results are better.

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